About Maurizio Carrubba

Maurice Carrubba has turned a lifelong passion for great food and conversation into his life’s work.

Born in Sicily but raised in Palo Alto, Maurice learned the ins and outs of the business working in his family’s restaurant “Little Joes.” He later trained under the watchful eye of Jonathan Robbinet (Executive Director at the Culinary Academy of San Francisco) and eventually made his own mark in the restaurant business with several ventures including Palo Alto’s popular Caffe Riace, various cafés on the Stanford University campus and catering companies “Just Catering” (a business he helped grow from $250k to $5mm in revenue over just three years), “The Other Woman” and “Smoke and Spice BBQ.” Through his ventures, Maurice now employs 150 people in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula.

Maurice’s latest project is the San Benito Ale House, which has the best selection of beers on draft on the coast with 16 beers on draft.

Maurice also has a passion for healthy food and living.

After more than two decades in the restaurant and catering business, Maurice remains true to his roots. The father of two and Willow Glen resident continues to be inspired by his family gatherings in Italy and the socializing over great food. The entrepreneur’s culinary journey from Sicily to the Silicon Valley has resulted in Maurice Carrubba becoming one of the food industry’s most unique minds.

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