Peanut butter and jelly is somewhat of an institution for kids. Like most of you, I remember eating PB&J as a young boy with no complaints.

The trouble is, PB&J and other lunch meals are the main source of daily nutrition for some kids. While peanut butter does have some nutritional value, most jellies contain sugar and when you add in the bread, you have a snack that is high in fat, sodium and calories.

I’m on a mission to change that with the Peanut Butter & Jelly Disrupt campaign.

The goal is to provide kids and their parents with healthy alternatives to the basic PB&J sandwich. I want to suggest healthy snack and lunch choices for kids on the go that will increase energy, brain power and encourage healthy eating habits.

As part of the campaign I will provide healthy recipes, a weekly blog and tips for eating at home, dining out and making box lunches. This program will teach kids and parents the following:

  • How to make smart food shopping choices on a budget
  • How to buy whole seasonal foods from local farmers and markets
  • How healthy foods vs. packaged options will decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease and other health issues
  • How to make fun and healthy snacks
  • Creating meals as a family can be a great team event

As a father of two, I understand that between work, school, afterschool activities, homework and meals, time is of the essence. Some might think there just isn’t enough time to put together a healthy lunch. Let me prove you wrong! Put away the peanut butter and jelly and start making healthy snacks and meals that your kids will love.

Join the Peanut Butter & Jelly Disrupt campaign! Keep visiting this page (link) for all the information or follow me on Twitter.

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